'Small Grey Palapa' at Art Basel Hong Kong

March 20, 2017
Catherine Goodman's painting, Small Grey Palapa, will be exhibited by Marlborough Fine Art at Stand 3E16, during Art Basel Hong Kong, 2017.   

Small Grey Palapa

Small Grey Palapa, 2015-16, Oil on canvas, 95 x 125 cm

Running from 23rd - 25th March, this will be another opportunity to see Goodman's painting, most recently exhibited at Marlborough Fine Art London, in her solo exhibition titled, the last house in the world, (18th November 2016 - 14th January 2017).

The Mexican palapa structure is a recurring motif in Goodman’s work; in this painting, its presence is both benign with its offer of sanctuary from the high Tuscan heat and imposing with its bristly architecture, as straw spokes reach beyond the edges of the canvas; Goodman represents the shelter with characteristic ambiguity of scale, which, combined with the positioning of the viewer, suggests a childlike visual perspective, as the gaze is drawn upwards to the underside of its robust, seemingly feathery roof.

Watch Catherine speak about the palapas and her exhibition here: Studio interview, 'the last house in the world', Marlborough Fine Art, 2016

Seline Johns